Routines & Activities

Routines and Activities

At Little Giggles Childcare every day can differ; I do have some structure to our days as Babies and Children find it easier to understand what’s coming next from the day. This helps them feel more confident and secure within the setting and surrounding‘s

Our days are filled with busy and fun activities; either adult or child led based as required by the EYFS.

Play is important for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers either inside or outside the setting.


Almost every child loves to be outside with the freedom to run around; this is crucial to their development and gaining awareness of the outside world. 

We are out in aLearn weather conditions, including the rain and the snow as these bring a variety range of experiences. So please always provide suitable clothing and footwear at all times.

Below is a list of act that take place outside:

* Water Play

* Paddling Pool

* Picnics

* Tunnels & Tents

* Building with Boxes

* Bikes & Ride On’s


I aim to make sure all the toys are accessible to all ages and encourage all children to access the resources available and what they feel happy playing with.

Some of of the toys I have available at my setting:

* Megablocks

* Dress Up/Role Play

* Toy Kitcen with accessories 

* Jigsaws/Games

* Story box full of books

* Cars/Trucks 

* Dolls/Pushchairs

* Small World

* Baby Basket full of under 6 months toys

* Much more to explore


Where possible we love to go out in the car to explore the big wide world out there. The is so important for the children’s development allowing them to be confident and aware of their surroundings. This helps develop a sense of self belief and building their confidence and offers plenty of learning opportunities.

We regular attend local playgroups around us so children interact with a variety of children and some familar faces too.

* Local Playgroups

* Library 

* Parks

* Soft Play

* Museum

* Farms

* Walks

* Picnics

* Childminding Groups

* Meeting up with other Childminders

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